About Us

Meeting the third Thursday of every month, the Mid-Columbia Zymurgy Association was created to disseminate information about the techniques of creating good homebrewed beer, mead and wine. Check the calendar and join us at Ice Harbor Brewery.

zy·mur·gy   (zī’mûr’jē)
n.  The branch of chemistry that deals with fermentation processes, as in brewing

Aside from being the last word in the Oxford English dictionary, zymurgy is the process in which sugar is converted to alcohol, and members of the MCZA are the people who study it.

Our membership is open to the general public — aged 21 years or older, of course — who are interested in beer, wine or mead and what makes it tick.

Never brewed beer before, but would like to learn how? Come to an MCZA meeting to meet fellow Mid-Columbia region homebrewers to uncover a wealth of knowledge from some of the walking fermentation encyclopedias we claim as members.

Like to see the process firsthand before making an investment in brewing equipment? Come to the club’s “Teach a friend to homebrew” days scheduled twice a year to see the equipment needed (and some not-so-needed) to turn a 25 pound batch of grain into carbonated liquid gold. Club members bring their brew stands and supplies and each make a different batch of homebrew, allowing all to see that while the general process is the same, the road taken can be widely different.

Want to see beer created on a much larger scale? Club members are entitled to take part in the bi-annual “megabrew” where MCZA overtakes the brewery at Ice Harbor Brewing Co. in Kennewick to brew a club beer 350 gallons at a time. The resultant wort is distributed to members who take it home, add yeast, and let the fermentation process begin.

The Mid-Columbia Zymurgy Association encourages the safe consumption of alcohol. It isn’t a drinking club, but a club where drinking hand-crafted ales and lagers is enjoyed.

For more information on how you can join MCZA, send email to info@mcza.org, or simply come to a meeting on the third Thursday of every month at Ice Harbor Brewery at 7 p.m.