August Club Meeting – 8/15

Our next homebrewers club meeting is already upon us! The next third-Thursday meeting will take place on August 15th; tasting will begin at 7pm, with business getting underway by 7:30pm. Topics to discuss include:

– Maintaining mash temperature. Club President Ty will lead a short demo/discussion on this topic, good for beginners through experts. This discussion will take place either shortly before or after the business portion of the meeting.

– Benton Franklin Fair and Rodeo. Volunteers are still needed for the MCZA booth, and entries into the beer competition are still being accepted through this Saturday, 8/17.

– Club quarterly style: Oktoberfest. We will plan on judging this style at our September meeting. If you haven’t already brewed this malty lager, do it soon so it will be ready this fall!
Hope to see you there!

MCZA Picnic and Fair Deadline

Bring your beers and join your peers this Saturday, August 10th at the MCZA Picnic! The picnic will be held at Bill and Traci Allan’s starting at 4:00pm, with dinner starting at 5:00pm. Their address is 902 W. 42nd Ave., in Kennewick. A map of their location can be found here.

There will be some BBQ and beer (both root and regular) provided, but please feel free to bring along a side and any homebrew that you would like to share. This event is family-friendly, so the little ones are certainly welcome!

Also, a reminder that entries for the homebrew competition at the Benton Franklin Fair and Rodeo are due at Ice Harbor this Saturday as well. For $8, you may enter up to 4 beers (no two in the same category); after August 10th, there will be an additional $5 fee. Beers will be accepted up to the day of judging, August 17th. For more info, click here.

Hope to see you this Saturday, and to those of you entering beers in the fair, good luck!

MCZA Monthly Meeting – 6/20

Our next homebrew club meeting is upon us! Join your fellow beersmiths this Thursday, June 20 at 7pm at Ice Harbor. Topics to be discussed include:

– Bottling from a keg. Come in around 7pm, before the business portion of the meeting, and learn how to properly fill your glass bottles from your keg.

– Judging of quarterly style: Blonde ale. If you have a Blonde you would like judged (Blonde beer, silly!), please bring either a growler or 2-3 22oz bottles to this month’s meeting (one 12oz-er will not be enough for our thirsty bunch!). Winner will receive a fabulous* prize!

– Our next club quarterly style for September will be an Oktoberfest Marzen. Brew early for this delicious fall ale!

Hope to see you there!


*Fabulousness of said prize TBD by winner.


Club Quarterly Style: Blonde Ale

Here is a basic recipe for the next club quarterly style, to be judged at the June meeting. You may use this recipe as-is, as a guideline, or throw caution to the wind and come up with your very own! The recipe below is for a 5-gallon, all-grain batch.

Big Brew 2008
O.G.: 1.051
F.G.: 1.010
IBU: 25
8.5 lb (3.9 kg) 2-Row Pale Malt
0.5 lb (230 gm) Belgian Aromatic Malt
0.5 lb (230 gm) Honey Malt
60 minute bittering hops for 17 IBU; IBU1=17*
0.5 oz (14 gm) flavor/aroma hops for 10 minutes
0.5 oz (14 gm) aroma hops, dry hop in secondary fermenter
¾ tsp (3 gm) Irish moss, added at 10 minutes
*To determine the amount of bittering hops in ounces (grams) needed for approximately 17 IBU, use this calculation:
W = 0.038/AA% = 3.8/AA for ounces (for weight in grams, use 1.08/AA% = 108/AA)
For example, if the hops you are using are 5.0% alpha acid, the calculation would be:
W = 3.8/5.0 = 0.76 oz (21.6 g) of hops
For AA% = 7.0%, you need 0.54 oz (15.4 g) bittering hops
For AA% = 9.0%, you need 0.42 oz (12 g) bittering hops
For AA% = 11.0%, you need 0.35 oz (10 g) bittering hops
For AA% = 13.0%, you need 0.29 oz (8 g) bittering hops
2 packages of either Wyeast 1056 American Ale Yeast or White Labs WLP001 California Ale Yeast; or make a yeast starter
Directions for All-Grain Recipe
Mash grains at 152°F (66°C) and hold for 60 minutes. Mash out at 167°F (75°C) and sparge with 170°F (76°C) water. Collect enough runoff to end up with 5 gallons after a 60-minute boil (approximately 6 gallons). Bring to a boil and add the bittering hops. Boil for 50 minutes before adding the flavor hops and the Irish moss. Boil 10 minutes. After the 60-minute boil, chill to 67-70°F (19-21°C), transfer to a fermenter, pitch the yeast and aerate well. Ferment at 67°F (19°C) for a total of one week. Rack to secondary with dry hop addition for two weeks [if you have the capability, cool to 55°F (13°C) for aging]. Rack to keg, or add bottling sugar and bottle.
Force carbonate at approximately 2.5 volumes of CO2.
Bottle condition using 3/4 cup (175 ml measure) corn sugar.

May Meeting at Shrub Steppe!

Time once again for our monthly club meeting! This month’s meeting will be held on Thursday, May 16 at Shrub Steppe Smokehouse Brewery! Shrub Steppe is located at 2000 Logston Blvd., Ste. 122 in Richland (just down the strip from White Bluffs Brewery and Ethos Bakery; map here). As usual, we will start sampling at 7pm, with business getting underway by 7:30pm. Topics to be discussed include:

– Club quarterly style: Blonde Ale. You can find a basic recipe for this style on our website. We will be judging this style at our June club meeting.

– MCZA logo. If you or someone you know has an idea for a club logo, bring it in this Thursday! We will plan on voting on a logo at this week’s meeting, so get creative!

– Unofficial homebrew judging. As discussed at the last meeting, if you would like a brew of yours judged using BJCP guidelines, bring 2-3 bottles of it to the meeting this Thursday. This is a great opportunity to not only get feedback on your beer, but to get an idea of how competitions are judged using the style guidelines. And speaking of BJCP…

– BJCP study group. James will provide us with more information on these sessions.

Hope to see you all there!