Reminder: October Club Meeting

Our next MCZA club meeting will be held on Thursday, October 20 at Ice Harbor Brewery.  Tasting begins at 7:00pm and business will get under way at 7:30pm.  Topics to be discussed this month include, but are not limited to:

  • Fall Megabrew – our next club Megabrew will go down at Ice Harbor on Saturday, October 29th.  Be sure to attend the meeting to hear about the style, when things will be getting under way, and to pre-pay for your spot in line.  From Article IV, Section 3 of the bylaws section of the official MCZA Constitution and Bylaws: “Money collected from Megabrew subscribers is directed to the treasurer and the order that payment is received is noted on the sign-up list, which is maintained by the Organizer or treasurer.”  To put it another way, we will dispense the Megabrew concoction in paid order, so make sure you pay and pay early for your place.
  • National Homebrew Day – Saturday, November 5, members of our club are invited to bring their brewstands from home, and will be brewing all day and be available for questions.  Whether you are an experienced homebrewer looking for tips or ideas on how to build a new stand, or a novice who hasn’t brewed a day in his life, come down and get schooled!
  • Quarterly Club style– as we discussed at last month’s meeting, our quarterly styles are a rye (both American and German) and pumpkin beer.  We will not be providing recipes this time, but be sure to check out their respective BJCP style guidelines at  American Rye is style 6D; German Rye is 15D; and the pumpkin beer would fall under style 21A.  Both styles will be judged at our December club meeting.

Hope to see you all next Thursday, Oct. 20!