Spring Mega Brew Saturday April, 2nd

Fellow Zymurgians,

Sunshine and warmer weather is the cue to get outside and brew some beer! So come on down to Ice Harbor Brewing Company for this year’s Spring Mega Brew that will be held on Saturday April, 2nd starting at 8:00am. Saturday morning we will be getting under way at 8:00am, brewing our Hoppy Red Ale. Prices for club members are $15 per 5gal and $10 for every 5gal after, $20/$15 for non-members. Fills will be in order of when you payed and seconds will work the same way after everyone has their first fill. Remember after you have your carboy/bucket or keg filled, you are NOT to pitch your yeast until you are off Ice Harbor’s property. Also, Ice Harbor asks that we park on the North side of the street. This year we are setting some wort aside that will be fermented and served by the Club for Untapped Music Festival in May and 5 gallons for Beerstock5060 in July.

The club will provide some food and beer for lunch, but this is a potluck so please bring something to share. It will be greatly appreciated!

As a club we will try to find some tasks that we can do for Ice Harbor in return of them letting us use their facility and equipment. We also will try to leave the brew house cleaner than when we started in the morning. Please take a minute to help out, and make that a quick process for everyone.

For this event we ask that you PLEASE drink responsibly and get a designated driver. We look forward to seeing everybody for this event. If you are not a member yet, come on down and see what our club is about. Talk with members and have a good time. This event is one of manny benefits to being part of the Mid Columbia Zymurgy Association.


March Meeting (3/17/2016)

Come join the club for our monthly meeting!!! The meeting will take place on Thursday March 17th, starting at 7:00pm at Ice Harbor Brewing Co. Topics for this month’s meeting are:

-Recap of Pacific Northwest Homebrewers Conference

-Brewing Club Quarterly for April meeting

-Spring Mega Brew, bring your $ so you can get on the fill list. We will be making a Hoppy Red Ale

-Monthly Tech Talk

-Ideas on breweries the club can visit this Spring and Summer. We would like to know where YOU, the club members would like to go. Last years trip to Perrault Farms, Yakima Chief-Hopunion and Bale Breaker Brewing Co. was a lot of fun! So let’s keep the ball rolling.

-And remember, guests and perspective members are always welcome!

Hope to see you all there,